It seems more and more of today’s golfers are working harder to improve their game by increasing their flexibility, strength, endurance and power. A tremendous amount of golfers are performing high-level activities even though they are inefficient in their fundamental movements; without knowing it, these individuals are creating dysfunction in their game. Individuals create poor movement does viagra make you bigger than normal patterns, train around a pre-existing problem or simply do not train their weakness during their strength and conditioning programs. In today’s market there is a substantial amount of gimmicks, gadgets, books to read; all valuable

information. If we were able to read it, perform it, and execute it in a viagra manner that we have accuracy; it would be a no brainer. viagra online However, the best equipment and programs cannot produce efficiently when the fundamental weaknesses are not exposed. The issue is controlling the body, 3 basic factors can contribute to decreased accuracy, skill and injury:


• You don’t have the muscle strength to tadalafil 20 mg dosage hold the skeletal in a position to generate the most power in your swing.

• Due to restriction within range of motion in your muscular-skeletal tissue, pathology(existing damage)

• Inconsistent skill level due to improper conditioning


This screening is a twelve point evaluation testing the two main components of the body,


• Mobility (range of motion+flexibility)

• Stability (Balance+strength+muscular endurance)


Through the days, months and years your level of fitness will constantly be changing, during this screen we buy female viagra will

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identify your unique bodies physical and functional limitations tadalafil specified to you, isolating the “cracks” in the foundation first, then moving through the optimal levels of performance to achieve ultimate canadian pharmacy regulation skill level. During this screen will be simply assessing, not correcting your unique level of function utilizing cialis australia paypal a combination of the Titleist Physical Screen and Functional movement

assessment to reveal Restriction in flexibility and or strength:

• Pelvic and hip mobility

• Thoracic mobility

• Coordination

• Weight shift

• Wrist hinge, rotation, extension

The intended purpose of movement screening:

• Identify

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individuals at risk who are attempting to maintain or increase activity level

• Assist

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in program designed by systematically using yohimbe cialis cialis online corrective exercises to normalize or improve fundamental movement patterns

• Provide systematic tools to monitor progress and the pattern development in the presence of changing fitness levels create functional movement baseline which will allow ranking and rating movement for ultimate skill.

Functional movement screens identify faulty stability patterns and altered mobility that could be the cause of any weakness, injury and ultimately the “root cause” to common swing deficiencies such as swaying,

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sliding, coming “over the top” scooping etc. Most people will not begin strength and conditioning or rehabilitative programs by determining if they have adequate movement patterns. This makes it essential to screen an individual’s fundamental movements prior to beginning a rehabilitate or strength and conditioning program. TPI and functional movement screen also identifies areas in the body susceptible to injury due to demands of the sport. Once limitations are identified we will provide you with corrective exercises to strengthen your golf performance and work towards building the most efficient swing for your body. If this weak link was not identified the body will compensate, causing dysfunctional movements, decrease in performance and an increasing in injuries. The functional movement screen and corrective exercise system attempts to pinpoint these weak links and alleviate them. When this is accomplished the individual will have greater movement efficiency, range of motion and functional movement, which will lead to improved performance and a decrease in injury potential.

“In order to improve your golf game and swing, your body has to be able to perform to its maximum potential. Without the right amount of specific flexibility, posture alignment and muscle strength you cannot get into

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the right positions to hit the ball straight and far.”

National University System President