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If you are experiencing lower back pain, or shoulder pain Destin Golf Fitness in Destin, FL might be able to help. We utilize orthopedic manual massage therapy to relax the tight, shortened muscle groups before we begin your personalized strength program.

Golfers in Destin, FL who strive to achieve the highest level of performance in the sport must understand the 3 essential building blocks on which optimum performance is built. The first being functional movement, which provides a solid foundation for golfers to improve their functional performance. Once functional performance is improved, it allows for an increase in overall skill.destin golf fitness performance pyramid

Some golfers may experience tightness or lack of flexibility in muscles and joints caused by over-training, improper form or inactivity. This can affect your functional movement, which is the base of your performance and skill. Here at Destin Golf Fitness, we can help improve these dysfunctions through orthopedic massage techniques.

Golf Swing Analysis

Learning to stabilize the spine during the rotational bent over phase of the golf swing will have a positive effect of keeping a neutral position on the (zygapophysical)/facet joints.


My husband and I both saw Thomas in December for different problems. He was awesome with my neck problems but he worked miracles with my spouse’s back problems. Although David is a physician and played golf in college and has a great swing, he had developed a back problem when he would swing his club that caused severe pain. Thomas worked

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with him finding which area was causing the pain, then he filmed his swing. They came back in and Thomas took one look, showed him a move he was making as he turned to come down that was placing a nerve in his back in a bind. Thomas gave him exercises to strengthen his core abdominal area, helped him with his golf posture and advised ways to stop making the move he had been making. He had not been able to complete the last several rounds of golf he had tried. After seeing Thomas, within 36 hours he and I hit golf balls,

and he was able to swing pain free! He is still doing what Thomas told him and it is still working. Thomas did not give him an instructional golf lesson, rather he looked at his swing on the film to see if he was making any moves that could be causing a problem. The advise worked well for David!

Beverly Wayman, February 27th

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